CU Medical SPR semi-automatic AED

The IPAD CU-SPR is compact, user-friendly, and has a high IP rating. The AED can be operated by both experienced and inexperienced users and can be safely deployed in various locations.

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IPAD CU-SPR, the AED for public spaces.

The IPAD CU-SPR is a compact AED (2kg) that can be easily transported in the included carrying case. Thanks to its high IP rating (66), the AED is extremely suitable for storage and use in moist and dusty environments. Additionally, this allows the AED to be used in various situations, such as on a company premises, in industrial settings, or in a maritime environment.

Resuscitation Assistance

  • Visual: The AED displays the steps the rescuer should take during a resuscitation process through images. These images illuminate step by step through LED lighting.
  • Audio: In addition to the images, the AED also provides instructions through audio. The AED analyses ambient noise during use and automatically adjusts the volume to ensure the instructions are always audible.

Language Package

The AED supports the following languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, and Polish. The AED is delivered ready for use in the desired language. During the use of the AED, these languages cannot be changed.


The AED performs daily, weekly, and monthly self-tests. During these self-tests, various functionalities of the AED are checked, such as the shock charging time.


The status of the electrodes and the battery is displayed on the screen. This way, you know exactly if the battery and electrodes are still functioning properly and when you need to take action. This ensures that the AED always functions optimally and can be deployed immediately.

Child Button

The child button on the AED allows you to quickly switch the AED settings. In child mode, paediatric resuscitation (ages 1 through 8 or up to 25kg) can be performed using the same set of electrodes as for adults. Pressing the child button adjusts the shock strength. Pressing the child button again switches the AED back to the adult protocol. Thanks to the child button, no additional paediatric electrodes are needed.


  • IP 66 (Optionally expandable with a sealing to IP68)
  • Data transfer via USB (via separately available key)
  • Child Button
  • Self-test and status indication
  • Spoken and visual instructions.
  • Metronome


tuotteen nimi CU Medical SPR semi-automatic AED
CU Medical
Puoli- tai täysautomaattinen Puoliautomaattinen
Takuu 10 vuotta
Tekniset ominaisuudet 200 J elvytysshokki, Lapsielvytys-sovellus, Käyttäjä voi purkaa PPE -tiedot, Kantolaukku, Harjoitusdefibrillaattori saatavana
Näyttö Mustavalkoinen
Laatumerkit CE
IP-luokka 66
Kantolaukku Kyllä
Elinikä n. 5 vuotta
Elektrodin käyttöikä n. 2,5 vuotta
Elvytysohjaus Teksti- ja äänikomennoilla (Standard), Metronomi
Paino 1 kgs
User Manual

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