Disinfectant wipes (200 pcs.)

200 alcohol free disinfectant wipes in box.

minimum order quantity: 6 boxes

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Disinfectant wipes (200 pcs.)

Dispenser with alcohol-free disinfection wipes, effective against MRSA, E-coli , H1N1 and a wide range of micro-organisms. Ideal for disinfection of resuscitation manikins! Due to the active ingredients (quaternary ammoniums), the alcohol-free disinfectant wipes guarantee efficient microbial activity, tested on basis of liquid fluids which were separated from cloth.

  • Bactericidal activity (EN1040, EN1276, EN13697)
  • Anti fungal activity (EN1275, EN1650)
  • Virucidal activity (EN14476, polio, hepatitis B, herpes, norwalk, adenovirus, rotavirus)
  • Tuberculosis activity
  • Alcohol free
  • With CE lable
  • For non-porous surface
  • Suitable for H1N1 prevention
  • Highly effective against MRSA, E-coli and a wide range of micro-organiams
  • For cleaning and disinfection of alcohol sensitive materials and surfaces
  • Ideal for disinfecting e.g. keyboard, computer, telephone and copiers. etc.
  • Equipped with a deep (patented) cover to keep the cloth damp
  • Helps avoid risk contamination through physical contact.
  • Not suitable for cleaning wounds!

200 wipes packed in dispensor/ measurement 13 x 18,5 cm.


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