Laerdal little Anne Stackable Manikin Filters (60pcs.)

Laerdal Stackable Little Anne Filters clean the air that is exhaled into the lungs and prevents contamination, allowing you to use the lungs for approximately 3 months instead of the current singular use during a training session. Not only does this save you preparation time and wasted materials, but it is also much more cost efficient.  

The manikin filter only needs to be replaced at the end of each training session. After this the manikin is ready for the next training session.  

  • Manufacturer: Laerdal   
  • Included: 60 Laerdal Stackable Little Anne Filters 
  • Cost efficient ✔Reduces material waste ✔60 Pack 
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Laerdal Stackable Little Anne Filters

Laerdal Stackable Little Anne Filters are easy to replace and help reduce the preparation time of the training set up. The filter is two sided and prevents contamination of the lungs*. This allows the lungs to be reused in a safe and hygienic way. This Filter pack includes 60 Laerdal Stackable little Anne filters which will last you up to 60 training sessions.

How does it work?

The exhaled air passes through the filter, which allows uncontaminated air to enter the manikin’s lungs. The filter prevents you from having to replace the airways after each use. You can simply clean the mouth opening and surrounding area to prepare the manikin for the next student. When the training session is over you can leave the lungs in the manikin, these only need to be replaced after the expiry date (around 3 months). To prepare for the next training session you only need to dispose of the filter and insert a new unused filter.  

Filter placement

The filter can be attached to the Laerdal Stackable Little Anne face skins (light and dark). These face skins are equipped with a mouth seal which allows secure attachment.  

Sustainability  Sustainable

Every year 994,000 airways are disposed of, which means that all the unrecyclable material (PVC) ends up in land fill. The development of the airway filter will help reduce this immensely. 
*The Technostat T-150(+) filter has low air resistance and high dust-holding capacity. The Technostat filter has been tested to a penetration of 1,8% @ 0.6 µm NACL unloaded. The viral filtration efficiency test proved that 99.99% of aerosol particles >2.7 µm were filtered and the bacterial filtration efficiency test proved that 99.99% aerosol particles >2.7 µm were filtered. The filter is two-sided. 

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