Prestan Professional Child Manikin 4-Pack (Light)

Set of 4 Prestan Child CPR Manikins in a convenient carry bag. Ideal for CPR training on children. Prestan Child CPR Manikins are equipped with a feedback system.

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Nopea toimitus, 2-4 viikkoa Edellyttäen, että tuote on varastossa toimittajalla. Teemme parhaamme toimittaaksemme tämän tuotteen mahdollisimman pian. Tilauksen jälkeen pidämme sinut ajan tasalla arvioidusta toimituspäivästä.

Prestan Child CPR Manikin Set

This cost-effective set of 4 CPR child manikins is highly suitable for instructors. The CPR manikins are very lightweight and come in a practical carry bag which can also be used as a training mat. This allows you to easily transport the 4 Child CPR Manikins from one location to another. With the set, you also receive 50 lung bags/face shields, ensuring hygiene during a CPR course. The set is also available with a darker skin tone.

Prestan Child CPR Manikins are equipped with a patented elastomer skin, which provides a lifelike feel. The material also repels dirt ensuring that no residue is left behind after attaching electrodes to the CPR manikins, enabling you keep the Child CPR Manikins clean after each CPR training.

Prestan Child CPR Manikin 4 Pack with CPR feedback

The CPR feedback monitor is integrated into the CPR manikins, providing both visual and auditory feedback on the correct execution of chest compressions. The depth of the compressions, at least 5 cm, feels realistic and simulates the force used in real situations. The Child CPR Manikins have been tested with half a million compressions!

This Prestan Child set includes:

  • 4 Prestan Child CPR Manikins with a light skin tone
  • 50 Lungs
  • Carry bag that can be used as a training mat
  • User instructions
tuotteen nimi Prestan Professional Child Manikin 4-Pack (Light)
Elvytysnukketyyppi Child
Yhdistettävyys Langaton
Toimintaohjeet Peruselvytys (leuan kohotus, puhallus, painelu)
Paino 3 kgs
Takuu 3 vuotta
User Manual

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