Safety notification CU Medical I-PAD SP1 and SP1 AUTO

Defibrillators that are installed with software version V1.41 or lower for the CU-SP1 and V1.0 or lower for the CU-SP1 AUTO and are set to either English (British), Hungarian or Ukrainian language pack have been identified as having software issues that

  • overstate the battery status as ‘full’ although the battery energy condition is ‘low’. ‘Low’ refers to the battery status in which the device is unable to operate.
  • can cause the reported battery charge status to drop from ‘full’ to ‘low’ when the unit is switched on.

Medisol has informed all our customers who might have an affected defibrillator. Should you want to know more about this issue, please find the official CU Medical Field Safety Notice here or contact us via (0) 75 3263769 or [email protected].

Read the revision of CU Medical's official Safety Notice here (25/01/2023).