Brayden OBI Resuscitation Manikin with Red LED Lights

The Brayden OBI CPR manikin makes CPR training easier than ever. The manikin features red LED lighting which mimics blood circulation during CPR, giving students an immediate insight into the effectiveness and quality of their CPR technique during training.  

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The Brayden OBI CPR manikin increases the efficiency of student CPR techniques.  

The Brayden OBI CPR manikin is an innovative manikin that provides a greater insight into the effectiveness and quality of chest compressions. The manikins red LED lighting consists of 3 independent lights:  

  1. Quality of CPR: When the CPR is optimally applied, the lights will reach the brain. 
  2. Blood circulation: This light shows the blood circulation from the heart to the brain. Visualization is only fully displayed when CPR is administered correctly. 
  3. Chest Compressions: This light shows the volume of blood circulation in the chest. With ineffective CPR, the circulation only partially lights up.  
    The visualisation of regular blood circulation during resuscitation, enhances understanding of the process during training sessions. This improves the quality of training and CPR technique. The manikin comes with a convenient carry case, that can also be used as a training mat. 

Brayden OBI - inclusive resuscitation manikin 

The goal of the Brayden OBI is to improve the outcome of cardiac arrest in diverse communities. This is accomplished by developing a resuscitation manikin that is both anatomically correct for high-quality ventilation training and also provides a realistic representation of a dark skinned adult male. 

International studies show racial and ethnic differences in survival during out of hospital cardiac arrests, with a lower incidence of bystander CPR being a notable factor. For this reason, Brayden has added the OBI resuscitation manikin to its product range, in the hope that Basic Life Support training programs will become truly representative of the communities in which they serve and therefore increase bystander CPR. Brayden OBI was developed in collaboration with global key opinion leaders.  


  • Realtime feedback via clicker (audio) and LED lighting (visual) 
  • Equipped with correct anatomical features (ventilation by means of chin elevation) 
  • Air leaves the lungs at the back of the head. This reduces the risk of cross contamination. 
  • Allows easy switching between AHA and ERC-protocol. 


  • Torso with red led lighting 
  • 10 Face shields 
  • 1 face mask 
  • 1 airway 
  • 6 batteries 
  • Carry bag/ mat 

Dimensions and weight:

  • Length: 51 cm 
  • Width: 32 cm 
  • Height: 21 cm 
  • Weight: 3.2 kg 
tuotteen nimi Brayden OBI Resuscitation Manikin with Red LED Lights
Elvytysnukketyyppi Adult
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Paino 3.2 kgs
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