Cardio First Angel

The right position, pressure and frequency. With these words, Cardio First Angel presents itself as the first feedback system for emergency chest compressions.

This product is no longer available, you can find the replacement product here.


Schiller Cardio First Angel

The Cardio First Angel can be used in a heart attack by any layperson. The red button and packaging clearly indicate how to place the oval CFA on the patient's chest. The clicker indicates how hard to press. A second click sound, when released, ensures that the rescuer is giving enough space for the blood to return to the heart. Together, the clicks provide the correct rhythm of 100 compressions per minute

- Correct positioning on the sternum
- Proper pressure is applied to the patient (41KG)
- No direct contact between helper and caregiver
- No electricity required
- Perfect complement to the AED

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