Prestan Professional Child Manikin (Dark)

A Prestan CPR manikin with feedback for practicing child resuscitation. The Prestan Professional Child CPR Manikin is realistic and very lightweight, making it convenient for an instructor to carry around. This CPR manikin is supplied with a dark skin tone. 

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Nopea toimitus, 2-4 viikkoa Edellyttäen, että tuote on varastossa toimittajalla. Teemme parhaamme toimittaaksemme tämän tuotteen mahdollisimman pian. Tilauksen jälkeen pidämme sinut ajan tasalla arvioidusta toimituspäivästä.

Prestan Child CPR Manikin for realistic CPR courses

The skin of this child CPR manikin feels highly realistic. It is made of elastomer, a patented material that gives the skin a lifelike appearance. Additionally, this material is resistant to dirt, preventing residue from training electrodes from sticking to the manikin. This makes this Prestan Child CPR Manikin realistic and convenient to use. 

The Prestan Professional Child CPR Manikin is designed to resemble a real child. Compared to Prestan's adult CPR manikins, this torso has less prominent body structures and softer facial features. The upper body of this Child CPR Manikin is narrower and thinner than that of the Prestan Professional Adult CPR Manikin. 

Prestan Child CPR Manikin – Easy to transport 

This surprisingly lightweight CPR child torso can be easily transported, even when multiple training materials are carried simultaneously. This makes the Prestan CPR manikins highly suitable for instructors. With the convenient carry bag, you can easily transport the Prestan Professional Child CPR Manikin between locations.

CPR feedback system - Prestan Child 

Like all other Prestan CPR manikins, this child variant also includes a feedback system for measuring compression depth and rate during CPR training. This allows the student to improve the quality of chest compressions. 
This Prestan Professional Child CPR Manikin is also available with a light skin tone. 


  • Prestan Child CPR Manikin (dark skin tone) 
  • 10 lung bags/face shields for Prestan Child CPR Manikin 
  • Carry bag 
  • Instruction manual. 
tuotteen nimi Prestan Professional Child Manikin (Dark)
Elvytysnukketyyppi Child
Yhdistettävyys Langaton
Toimintaohjeet Peruselvytys (leuan kohotus, puhallus, painelu)
Paino 1 kgs
User Manual

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