Prestan Professional Collection Pack (Light)

The Prestan Professional Collection Pack consists of 3 resuscitation manikins: an adult, child and baby resuscitation manikin with a light tone. With the Prestan Collection Pack, the trainee learns CPR on different victims. The instructor easily transports the CPR manikins in the accompanying carry case. The set also includes lungs, 10x for each type of manikin. 

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Nopea toimitus, 2-4 viikkoa Edellyttäen, että tuote on varastossa toimittajalla. Teemme parhaamme toimittaaksemme tämän tuotteen mahdollisimman pian. Tilauksen jälkeen pidämme sinut ajan tasalla arvioidusta toimituspäivästä.

Prestan Collection Pack (Light) for CPR training 

This set from Prestan includes an adult, child and baby CPR manikin. The manikins have a light skin tone. But are also available with a darker skin tone. With the Prestan Professional Collection Pack, you can provide complete CPR training. Trainees will therefore become familiar with CPR on different sized victims. Prestan recommends the Collection Pack for training beginners, semi-professional and professional rescuers, associations and schools, among others. This Prestan pack comes with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. 

CPR manikins with feedback system 

The CPR manikins in the Professional Collection Pack are equipped with a CPR feedback system to ensure that the trainee gives compressions at the correct depth and frequency. Lights show whether you are giving the correct compressions, at the right rate. If the rate is too low, an orange light comes on, if the correct rate is applied, you will see two green lights and if the compression frequency is too high (higher than 120 compressions), an orange light will blink. In addition, a clicking sound is heard when the depth of compressions is correct. This feedback system gives the trainee more confidence in CPR and encourages them to react quickly and without hesitation in a real life emergency situation. This system can also be switched off, if necessary, during exams. 

Prestan Collection Pack - lightweight resuscitation manikins 

All resuscitation manikins in the Prestan Collection Pack are lightweight. The total set weighs just 8kg, allowing trainers to easily transport them from one location to another. In addition, a handy carryi case is included with the pack, which fits all three manikins. 

The Prestan Professional Collection Pack contains: 

  • Adult Torso Resuscitation Manikin (Light)
  • Child Torso CPR Manikin (Light)
  • Baby Full Body CPR Manikin (Light) 
  • 10 Adult Lungs
  • 10 Child Lungs
  • 10 Baby Lungs
  • Carry Bag
  • Instructions 
tuotteen nimi Prestan Professional Collection Pack (Light)
Elvytysnukketyyppi Family
Yhdistettävyys Langaton
Toimintaohjeet Peruselvytys (leuan kohotus, puhallus, painelu)
Paino 8 kgs
Takuu 3 vuotta
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