Smarty Saver Fully Automatic Defibrillator

The Smarty Saver defibrillator offers a compact and budget friendly solution, the defibrillator has all the features essential for emergency situations. With features such as a child button, voice instructions and a high IP56 rating, this defibrillator is suitable for use in various locations. Moreover, the defibrillator comes with a handy carry case for added protection during transport.  

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User friendly and budget friendly  

 he Smarty Saver is accessible to everyone due to its simple interface, allowing both experienced and inexperienced users to operate the defibrillator. Voice instructions and clear icons guide the user through each step of the procedure, while an audible metronome indicates the correct compression rate during CPR.  

With the child button, the defibrillator automatically adjusts settings for child CPR, without the need for additional child electrodes. This saves precious time and allows a quick transition between adult and paediatric CPR. Thanks to its versatility, the defibrillator can be used in locations with a diverse mix of people, such as schools, public areas, and hospitality venues.  

Manufactured in Europe, the defibrillator is budget friendly and equipped with all modern specifications, the Smarty Saver is the most affordable option in our range. This gives everyone the option of purchasing a defibrillator, even on a small budget.  

IP value   

Thanks to the high IP56 rating, the defibrillator is resistant to dust and water, allowing it to be used in various environments such as beaches, maritime areas, and swimming pools.   

Battery and Electrodes  

The battery of the Smarty Saver will last about 3 years, and the electrodes have a lifespan of circa. 2 to 2.5 years. Additionally, the electrodes are pre-connected, meaning they can be applied directly to the patient as soon as the defibrillator indicates, without having to be manually connected to the defibrillator.  


  • 1x Smarty Saver Fully Automatic  
  • 1x Smarty Saver Battery  
  • 1X Smarty Saver Electrodes  
  • 1x Smarty Saver Carry Bag   

Included with defibrillators:   

  • Rescue kit  


  • ILcor wall sign  

tuotteen nimi Smarty Saver Fully Automatic Defibrillator
SKU SM1-B1002-FI
AMI Italia
Puoli- tai täysautomaattinen Täysautomaattinen
Takuu 10 vuotta
Tekniset ominaisuudet Lapsielvytys-sovellus, Laitteen päivitys mahdollista, Kantolaukku, Harjoitusdefibrillaattori saatavana
Näyttö Ei saatavilla
Laatumerkit CE
IP-luokka 56
Kantolaukku Kyllä
Elinikä n. 3 vuotta
Elektrodin käyttöikä n. 2,5 vuotta
Elvytysohjaus Teksti- ja äänikomennoilla (Standard), Metronomi
Paino 1.6 kgs
User Manual

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