Prestan Baby CPR Manikin (Dark)

The Prestan Baby CPR Manikin with dark skin tone offers a realistic approach to training infant CPR. Weighing just 3kg, this training manikin is lightweight and easily transported in the accompanying carry bag. Included with the manikin are 10 lung bags.

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Nopea toimitus, 2-4 viikkoa Edellyttäen, että tuote on varastossa toimittajalla. Teemme parhaamme toimittaaksemme tämän tuotteen mahdollisimman pian. Tilauksen jälkeen pidämme sinut ajan tasalla arvioidusta toimituspäivästä.

Prestan Baby CPR Manikin for infant CPR training

The realistic appearance and feel of the CPR manikin, prepares students effectively for emergency situations. Both the anatomy, skin texture and weight of the manikin are meticulously designed to ensure high quality CPR training. Additionally, the head of the Prestan CPR manikin mimics that of a real baby, including movements, enabling students to administer breaths correctly and according to current guidelines. The Prestan Baby CPR is a full body CPR manikin with a dark skin tone.

Prestan Baby - user-friendly for every instructor

The Prestan Baby CPR manikin offers many advantages for CPR instructors. It is an affordable option, both in terms of purchase and ongoing usage costs, such as the replacement of face skins and lung bags.

Furthermore, the Prestan Baby is extremely lightweight and easy to transport from one training location to another, with the accompanying carry bag.  All Prestan manikins are lightweight, making it easy to transport multiple CPR manikins.

Prestan Baby with Feedback Monitor

In addition to the realistic look and feel of the Prestan Baby CPR Manikin, it also comes equipped with a feedback monitor that provides immediate feedback to the student on the compression rate via visual lights. The clicker within the manikin also provides feedback to the student on the compression depth, enabling students to learn how to accurately apply the correct force and rate of chest compressions with the Prestan Baby. This fosters a sense of confidence among students, enabling them to respond quickly and accurately in real life emergency situations.

Standard Included Items:

  • Prestan Professional Baby CPR Manikin (Dark) with CPR Feedback (one piece)
  • 10 Lung Bags
  • Carrying Bag
  • Instruction Manual
tuotteen nimi Prestan Baby CPR Manikin (Dark)
Elvytysnukketyyppi Vauva
Yhdistettävyys Langaton
Toimintaohjeet Peruselvytys (leuan kohotus, puhallus, painelu)
Paino 3 kgs
Takuu 3 vuotta
User Manual

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