Prestan Baby CPR Manikin (Light)

The Prestan Baby CPR Manikin (Light) is a realistic manikin for training CPR on a baby. It is a lightweight CPR manikin weighing only 3 kilograms and comes with 10 lung bags. Easily transport the Prestan Baby in the carry bag provided.

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Prestan Baby CPR manikin with (Light) for CPR training

The Prestan Baby CPR manikin (Light) teaches CPR in the best possible way. The lifelike look and feel of the full body manikin, prepares the trainee for real life emergency situations. The manikin's anatomy, skin and weight have been made as realistic as possible to guarantee high-quality resuscitation training. In addition, the head of this Prestan CPR manikin mimics the movement of a real baby's head, enabling students to learn the correct ventilation technique, according to the protocol of baby resuscitation.

Prestan Baby feedback monitor

The lifelike Prestan Baby CPR manikin is also equipped with a feedback monitor, giving the student instant feedback on the rate of resuscitation.  A clicking sound in the manikin, also gives feedback on CPR depth. The Prestan Baby teaches the correct force and rate for chest compressions, giving students the confidence to react quickly and correctly in a real life emergency situation.

Prestan Baby – must have for every instructor

The Prestan Baby also has many advantages for CPR trainers. The CPR manikin is very affordable. Not just the manikin itself, but also the lifetime running costs, the replacement face shields and lung bags are inexpensive to purchase.

Furthermore, the Prestan Baby is very lightweight and easy to transport from one training location to another in its accompanying carry bag. All Prestan manikins are lightweight and portable.  

Supplied as standard:

Prestan Professional Baby CPR Manikin (Light) with CPR Feedback (one piece)

  • 10 Lung Bags
  •  Carrying bag
  • Instructions
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