Infant Manikin

Complete your training environment with this set of four Prestan Ultralite baby manikins. Each manikin features an integrated monitor that provides students with both visual and verbal feedback during the resuscitation process. 

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Nopea toimitus, 2-4 viikkoa Edellyttäen, että tuote on varastossa toimittajalla. Teemme parhaamme toimittaaksemme tämän tuotteen mahdollisimman pian. Tilauksen jälkeen pidämme sinut ajan tasalla arvioidusta toimituspäivästä.

Prestan Ultralite Baby Manikin Diversity  Kit (4 Pack) 

Compact and Realistic Design: 

Designed to be compact and with realism in mind, the Prestan Ultralite baby manikins are the smallest in the Prestan range, making them perfect for training sessions held at various locations. With their realistic appearance and lifelike feel, they add a realistic dimension to every training session. 

Optimal Preparation for Various Scenarios: 

By adding these manikins to your training sessions, you will ensure that students are well prepared for different scenarios, including real emergencies involving babies. 

Built in Resuscitation Monitor: 

The built in monitor provides immediate feedback on compression depth (at least 5 cm) and speed, allowing students to accurately track and improve their performance. 

Durable Materials for Long Lasting Use: 

The skin of the Prestan baby manikins is made of a patented elastomer, providing a realistic texture and being dirt repellent, they are also easy to clean. They have been thoroughly tested and can withstand half a million compressions without issues. 


  • 2x Prestan Ultralite Baby Manikin (Light) 
  • 2x Prestan Ultralite Baby Manikin (Dark) 
  • 50x Prestan Ultralite Baby lung bags with face shields 
  • 1x Nylon carry bag for 4 Ultralite baby 
tuotteen nimi Infant Manikin
Elvytysnukketyyppi Vauva
Yhdistettävyys Langaton
Toimintaohjeet Peruselvytys (leuan kohotus, puhallus, painelu)
Paino 4 kgs
Takuu 4 vuotta
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